It’s that time of the year! It’s a new Hydroponic season! And this year, our point of view is tilted sideways!

We can’t even remember about last Summer: the beach, the pool, the seaside resort, the holidays…what the hell are you talking about?

We love the cold months of the year, those times when you need to find heat and warmth anywhere you go. These are the moments when you need a real good friend by your side, and that friend is Hydroponic.

Take a quick peek at our new stuff: T-shirts and Long Sleeves filled with fun artwork and classy patterns; we got more shirts than ever, since all of you are asking for checkered attire; an impressive display of Hoodies and Crew Necks, as well as Knitting jerseys; our All Star selection of trousers, combining the Nedlands and Noree models, two real best sellers; and a very thorough selection of jackets, from the light ones to the heavy-duty elements you are waiting for.

Don’t miss out the rest of the lineup: Footwear, Youth Collection, Headwear, socks, any kind of bag you dream about, and many more things. If you can imagine, we already got it.

It’s all a new Hydroponic party, are you gonna miss it?

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