Hydroponic Skateboards are back for the 2017 Fall and Winter Season with great wood and lots of stoke!

The Hydroponic skaters Fran Martinez and Edu Martin, along the Flow riders Roman Lishchinskyy, Sufian Dahbi and Kevin Lopez, plus our Ambassador Deluxe Sergi Arenas, are presenting these days the new Hydroponic Skateboards line up, filled with new and returning boards that will get you skating like crazy.

This is the first batch of decks coming for the season. Amongst these decks, we will see some familiar artwork.

The Skate Spot Series are returning for the 4th year, something that does not happen that much these days, but it used to when we were young little skate rats in the 80’s. Graphics stood the test of time and became well-known pieces of art that represented both brands and skaters for a long time. We want to follow that pre-historic era with our Skate Spot Series, because these spots, as well as the decks, are going nowhere, and will stay with us for a long time.


The Usual Suspects and the Jamón 15h Anniversary decks are a couple of special one-offs, released during the past Spring and Summer 17 Season.

If you are looking for colorways, our Tile series are a classy choice with a unique Modernist floor pattern in different colours, but if you are feeling hungry for tricks you may as well go to the Menu Series, and choose between a Mexican fiesta, a Chinese buffet or an Italian trattoria.

And two new graphics appear this time around: the Volume letters (our 3D passion is well documented) and the Crazy deck, which is a rendition of Akiyoshi Kitaoka‘s amazing visual work.

This is just the first installment on our new deck Collection. Stay tuned because there are many more coming soon!

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