Weeeeell, we’re baaaack! Back on the Hydroponic skateboarding Winter Season, eh! And this season’s collection is really special, special, speeeeciaaaal!

During this Winter 18 Season we are focusing specially on the new Collab with Mortadelo Y Filemón and their creator, the mighty spanish comic book author Francisco Ibáñez.

But there is more!

We have always been a fan of Japanese techno robots, so we decided it was the best time to have them on our collection as a pair of fully dip-dyed boards with a special chrome effect.

You will also find a new addition to the Cut Ply series with a new release, the Wood Cut Ply, and also a new member in the Hologram family, the spectacularly shiny Hologram 2.0. The return of psychedelic skateboarding is assured!

Go to the Skate section of the Hydroponic website and check out every other deck, wheel, complete and accessory we got, you will surely find something that’s for you!

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