The Winter season in the Hydroponic Skate section returns with more select wood than ever so you can go skating during the coldest months of the year and come home with the bag full of tricks.

Our Mortadelo Y Filemón collection has been one of the surprises of the season, thanks to the Special Collaboration we established with the legendary author Francisco Ibáñez, responsible for the famous detectives since their inception in the 50s.

The collection features skateboards of various sizes, between 7,875 and 8.5 inches, so you can choose the one that suits your skating style. We also have 100A hardness wheels (remember that 100A is the maximum hardness of the scale the next time you go to buy wheels and see what is advertised as 101A), with both square and round thin profiles. And you’ll also find complete skates from the saga of the T.I.A. detectives and several other designs, especially for all those skaters that are starting and looking for a first complete that combines quality and a price that does not leave you in diapers at the store.

As regards the Hydroponic skate team, the alignment for the Winter
19 season is made up of the usual Fran Martínez, Edu Martín and Roman Lishchinskyy, the Ambassador Sergi Arenas, and a couple of new faces of the Barcelona scene as the Argentinian skateboarder Marcus Fazzari, and Aaron Vega, who arrives from El Maresme thanks to Fran and the filmmaker Sergio Guzmán.

Fran Martinez – Bs Flip / Photo: Helena Pintor

Marcus Fazzari – Ollie / Photo: Helena Pintor

Aaron Vega – FS Blunt / Photo: Helena Pintor

Head over the Hydroponic website and discover everything we have to offer during the last months of 2019.

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