The Hydroponic skaters had been up to something for a while, and finally we have the surprise here!

Hydroponic Skateboarding PLEASE is the title of the last Hydroponic Skate project, an old-fashioned full-length video, coordinated by Fran Barbero, and which has all the members of that team actively participating with an individual video part.

Here’s a bit of detail about the participation of each skater in the video: Fran Martínez, the skateboarder who has been with the brand the longest and who closes the video, has been filming with his regular filmmaker, Sergio Guzmán (with whom he has already published the part ‘Lost & Found’ in 2018), and together they have created what until now may be the best part of Fran in video. Edu Martín has filmed a part exclusively in the DIY Caribú in Mataró, his city, because Edu and Caribú are closely linked since the beginning of the spot, since Edu was one of the main promoters of the project.

We also have Roman Lishchinskyy, the skater from Cervera. Roman, as usual, has filmed with Blai Costa, and they have produced a 2×1. This one we have in the Hydroponic video is the prelude on his part for the video ‘Oxímoron’ by Blai, which was presented a few days after the Hydroponic video.

The two youngest riders of the brand are Kevin López and Jon López. Each one of them has shown his style in short but intense parts, and they had the help of Kevin‘s brother, Ivan, and Jorge Gracia, respectively.

Finally, in the video we also find a part dedicated to the friends of the brand, such as the Ambassador Sergi Arenas, the multi-use Chaka, friends like Toni López or Francesc Boix and ex-riders like Victor Jawneh, Pol Catena and Erik García.

We hope you like the video and spend about 22 fun and entertaining minutes with the Hydroponic skaters! Por favor!

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