Hydroponic Skateboarding presents the new SPRING/ SUMMER 2018 Season featuring new decks and returning classics:

-Cut Ply: 2 new decks with the Hydro Cut Ply method, consisting in 3 different colored maple veneers perfectly cut and assembled in the bottom of the deck, so the end result is a superb color finish.

-Metal: 2 decks dip covered in metallic glossy paint.

-Medicine: Because we know Skateboarding is your drug, but it can be also a headache, here’s the Medicine Series in 3 different colors.

-Rat: A special new deck featuring paint that glows with natural light. Beware with the sneaky rats!

-Vice: V for Vice in neon light colors.

and do not forget about:

-Spot Series: They are back to stay. MACBA, Sants, Southbank, Parque Sindical and La Kantera are the classic Spot lineup.

-Jamon 15th Anniversary: We celebrated our 15 years during 2017 with the best snack we could think of.

-Menu: Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants are our favourite places to go eat, so they deserved to be with us every day.

-Usual Suspects: Some of the Usual Suspects here at Hydroponic get decked while they look for Kaiser Sozé.

Check out our complete skates, wheels, griptape and harware at www.hyclothing.es/skate




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